Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel

my experience in…

Ramallah, West Bank


Throughout your life cycle you are supposed to trip over some ‘turning point’ experiences…

…or moments which will lead you to a complete renovation of thoughts; a change of perspective. So was my case when I first went to Machu-Picchu and I saw the world from its heights. And so was when I went to Israel and Palestine and I met Salïm, an 8 year old boy that shook my heart with his life experience in the little village of Nabi Saleh.  Because going to Israel and Palestine with FFIPP meant to me an enriching and learning experience not only in the professional level, but as well, and more importantly, at the human level.

There I had the opportunity to do my month internship with a highly respected human rights organization. Unlike other organizations in which I have volunteered at before, this one was working with cases of human rights violations happening right there and in that very moment. And so, as a law student, I could for the first time in my life approach my academic studies from beyond what is written in a paper. And believe me, this changes everything. In the organization I had the pleasure to meet Shira, a Palestinian lawyer with whom I shared an office. She, as many Palestinians, was born in Jerusalem but she cannot go to her hometown because she is not allowed to cross the checkpoints.  I will always remember the feeling of injustice I felt when we were talking that I, a Spanish tourist, could go to all those places where she and her family grew up for generations but that they might never see again. Again, the learning was both professional and personal and I will always be grateful to FFIPP for offering me that unique experience and learning.